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About Nottingham Spirk

Nottingham Spirk stands as a prominent pioneer in groundbreaking innovation, collaborating with businesses to develop flourishing new ventures that stimulate economic expansion. Since its inception in 1972, the company has acted as a guiding light for organizations venturing into unexplored domains to expedite growth and enhance life experiences. Operating from our 60,000 square-foot innovation hub in Cleveland, Ohio, we have devised and designed countless products across consumer, healthcare, and business sectors. As the most enduring design collaboration globally, Nottingham Spirk employs a strategically inventive vertical innovation method, resulting in a genuinely transformative impact.

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US$ 50 billion in growth impact, 95% of patents commercialized and a focus on practical sustainable and durable solutions!

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Vertical Innovation (Registered Trade Mark) is Nottingham Spirk’s approach to the alignment of resources and culture. Resources include the facilities and tools that our associates need to shepherd ideas rapidly through the design, testing, and prototyping phases. Culture refers to the intangible elements of the work environment — the flat management structure and flexible, team-based approach to projects. The alignment is possible because we’ve brought all of this under one roof in our Innovation Center.


By maintaining on-site control over nearly all stages of the development of a product, we remain fully accountable to our clients and maintain momentum. These are key reasons why we bring products to market faster than typical timelines.

The Nottingham Spirk design and innovation team lead the design of the Dignity Designed shelter, working closely with Geopolicity Inc.'s leading humanitarian subject-matter experts.

Excerpt from Forbes article "The Invention Machine...": "The closest thing in America to Thomas Edison’s New Jersey laboratory is a decommissioned Christian Science church in Cleveland. It’s here that John Nottingham, John Spirk and their team of 70 inventors, tinkerers and support staff have cooked up the Swiffer SweeperVac, Spinbrush, Dirt Devil vacuum and nearly 1,000 other patented products.



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