Contact Our ‘Volunteers Manager’

Meeting the shelter needs of all those in need is currently impossible. To enable Dignity to make our shelters available to those in need, we encourage motivated volunteers to contact our fundraising team and consider an activity that you can support us raising urgently needed resources.  Volunteers will be provided out ‘Volunteer Guidance Pack’, which provides all the resources that you may need. Our volunteers generally undertake one of more of the following fundraising activities:

– Sports Events (such as running a marathon)

– Music Events (such as a local band competition as a fundraiser:

– Organize a GoFundme or Indeigogo for Dignity Designed;

– Organize talent competitions;

–  Make a direct financial contribution to our work; and,

– Become an official sponsor or partner.

To learn more about our work and to become a Dignity Volunteer, please email and our Volunteers Manager will arrange to speak with you. We can arrange for training, material and orientation.