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Dignity is a promoter of law and order and justice for all.  Our founder was a peer reviewer on the OECD Global Security Sector Governance Guideline. We believe that unless local law and order officials such as police and border guards are also provided with a safe and dignified working environment, law and order standards can slip. The growing displacement crises often requires rapid deployment of temporary shelter.  Government fiscal constraints often limit spending on important infrastructure spending, even when it is necessary. X-Ranger is designed to provide a rapid deployment solution for law and order and security officials operating in highly volatile situations.

A Home From Home

A sense of belonging is a basic human right - an instinctive necessity that has existed since the birth of time - something which unfortunately has become so novel to many of us 

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Shelter Amongst Friends

Shelter is protection, safety, a basic human right and a core component of UNHCR’s protection mandate. Unfortunately, shelter is also one of our most underfunded activities.…

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