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Humanitarian Shelter

A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution and here at Dignity we provide the humanitarian community with the most advanced emergency shelter solution, designed to promote dignified living at a price point support of wide scale adoption. Individual shelters either stand alone or can be unified into modular units, providing stability, a sense of community, and common access space for services and storage. X-Sanctuary (our humanitarian shelter solution) has been designed to disrupt the current market by fundamentally providing value ad to end users and clients alike. Product description is forthcoming.

Developing Shelter Alternatives For Those Affected By Crisis

The humanitarian industry has been producing temporary shelter for decades, the vast majority of which falls into disrepair; and is seldom re-used for the intended purpose when a camp closes down.  This leads to the endless repurchase of shelter at a cost of billions of dollars, and that money could be used provide shelter to the next generation of forcibly displaced.

Our design team has focused its efforts on designing the most durable, re-usable and rapid deploy-able shelter on the market.  Not only does this allow for considerable cost savings it therefore creates fiscal space for those in need, but not being supported.

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