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Ukrainian war refugees in temporary shelter and help center, little girl with her mother..

8.1 Million Refugees Fleeing the War in Ukraine
Sheltering Hope: Providing Safe, Dignified, and Sustainable Living Spaces.

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Transitional Shelter designed to meet the need of the 21st Century

Homeless people have a well-founded fear of persecution. Here at Dignity we provide homeless communities with the most advanced transitional shelter solution, designed to promote dignified living at a price point suitable to the humanitarian community. Dignity shelters can be provided as stand alone units or be integrated as into modular solutions, providing stability, a sense of community, and common access space for services and storage. Our base shelter serves as a mini home in both high and low income economies, with base units providing either basic or more advanced comforts.

Support Our Million Person Shelter Initiative

A Call To Action for Humanitarian Fundraisers

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Message From Dignity CEO Peter J. Middlebrook

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EY Support to Dignity through the EY Ripples Program

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Turkish Earthquake Crisis

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Syria Earthquake Crisis

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The humanitarian industry has been producing temporary shelter for decades, the vast majority of which falls into disrepair; and is seldom re-used for the intended purpose when a camp closes down.  This leads to the endless repurchase of shelter at a cost of billions of dollars, and that money could be used provide shelter to the next generation of forcibly displaced.

Our design team has focused its efforts on designing the most durable, re-usable and rapid deploy-able shelter on the market.  Not only does this allow for considerable cost savings it therefore creates fiscal space for those in need, but not being supported.

In support of our mission, Dignity Designed is blessed to be supported by the country level Brand Ambassadors, all motivated by their desire to make a difference. Please feel free to reach out to our Ambassadors, to see how you can assist us in delivering shelter to those in need.

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