About Dignity Designed and Delivered

Established in 2019, and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America (USA), Dignity Designed and Delivered Inc. unites the global international development expertise of Geopolicity Inc. with Nottingham Spirk; the preeminent design innovation firm in the United States. We design lifesaving and life-changing products that bring dignity back into people’s lives.

Our focus on shelter and affordable housing reflect the reality that each day up to 250 million people across the world experience homelessness. Dignity is here to change that by delivering affordable housing and shelter products that are simply the best-in-class from a design innovation and lifestyle point of view.

Our products and turnkey solutions are built on five simple principles. Modern human and cultural needs come first. Designs must deliver long term impact. Quality, durability and usability are not negotiable. Market pricing allows for massive uptake. Our shelters are designed homes, and are child and disability friendly. People and communities are therefore at the very heart of Dignity shelter and the design of our humanitarian products. We cater for both forcibly displaced peoples and communities and advanced markets where homelessness has become endemic.

Executive Team

Leading the affordable shelter and housing revolution.
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Dr. Peter J. Middlebrook

Chief Executive Officer
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John Spirk

CEO - Nottingham Spirk
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Joe Gfoeller

Chief Investment Officer
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Sharon M. Miller

Chief Financial Officer
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Amba J. Tadaa

Innovation Coordinator
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Max Brooks

Marketing and Campaign Lead

Advisory Board

Leading the affordable shelter and housing revolution.

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One Million Person Shelter Initiative

Leading the charge in providing shelter to 5 million people by 2025 Provision of life saving shelter to forcibly displaced persons.

  • Pioneering a new model in shelter provision.
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