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Emergency, Transitional and Mini-Home Products

Hexagonal Shelter & Mini Home

At 200 square foot (18.58 square meters) our hexagonal shelter provides a perfect singular or modular solution - durable for 5-10 years depending up conditions - that can be assembled by 2 people in around 2 hours. Our flat-packed tool free design allows rapid assembly, disassembly and re-storage. With products sourced from the Middle East, Asia, the US and Africa, and designed for durability, comfort, head, wind and rain resistance, this shelter provides an immediate solution for humanitarian, transitional and mini-home solutions; with outer surface color and pattern customer customization options. To make an inquiry or place an order email sales@dignitydesigned,com.

Dignity Shelter Large File.jpg
Dignity Modular.png
Dignity Modular.png

Centralized roof ventilation
Panels: 10+ year lifespan
Frame: 10-year lifespan
Assembly: 2-3 hours by a team of 2
Four windows
Shelf life: 5-10 years (depending on conditions)
Cold rolled steel frame with ground anchors
Flat-packed design
Lockable door
PV system and portable lamp
Semi-rigid wall panels
Sphere minimum standards compliance

International shipping rates vary by country.

Rectangular Shelter & Mini Home

We provide a rectangular shelter and mini-home unit - also assembled in less than 2 hours by two people - based on the same rugged and durable design products as our hexagonal unit. This unit has multiple use cases beyond emergency and mini-home shelter, including for rapid deployment of construction sites, as site offices, storage facilities and as shops and sales outlets in rural and urban settings. Additional elements can be bundled into each unit depending up requirements, including power, water and sanitation requirements.  To make an inquiry or place an order email sales@dignitydesigned,com.

Dignity Shelter Rectangular.png

How to Order

If you are interested in placing an order for a shelter or finding out more about our product range, we encourage you to contact our Director of Sales, who is dedicated to providing personalized assistance throughout the order and delivery process. They will be able to guide you through selecting the most suitable shelter option, addressing any specific requirements, and finalizing the order details. Kindly email or complete our customer inquiry form.

Shelter Inquiry Submission Form

Thanks for you inquiry. Our team will be back in touch with you shortly!

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Bespoke External Color and Pattern Solutions  are Available Upon Request


We are able to modify the color and pattern of the outer surface to meet your particular specification; depending on the size of the order.

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