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Our Strategic Partnership with 'The Guild'

Dignity Designed and Delivered (D3) is delighted to announce a strategic partnership between ‘The Urban Guild’ of Boston, USA; a registered 501(c)(3) organization.


The Guild is a community-driven social enterprise that facilitates collaborative alchemy through a process of venue, presence and connection in some of the historically neglected neighborhoods of the Greater Boston Area. Our shared vision for a more sustainable and dignified world has brought us together to create and implement innovative shelter solutions for those in need in a process we call democratizing shelter; empowering homeless people with accessible, affordable, durable and dignified housing solutions.


Our collaboration aims to develop and deliver the Dignity Shelter solution addressing the urgent housing needs of vulnerable populations in the USA (Boston, Detroit, Chicago, California, Dallas, Houston) as well as the Middle East and Africa.


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A community-driven social enterprise that facilitates collaborative alchemy.

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The Guild is a community-driven social enterprise owned and led by people of color, focusing on historically neglected neighborhoods in the Greater Boston Area. It transforms blighted sites into vibrant centers of cultural exchange, commerce, artistry, and wellness, programmed for and by the community. This dynamic cross-sector network embodies a solutions-based spirit, addressing entrenched disparities and creating a thriving ecosystem of collaborative action and positive impact in areas like Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.

Through open co-creation, The Guild believes in resurfacing generations' worth of shared knowledge and cultural strength to drive transformative change within urban neighborhoods. The Guild starts by acknowledging the community's existing talent, strength, beauty, and power, with residents undertaking and owning their own transformation strategies. The result is an ecosystem that fosters aligned and equal partnerships, leading to shifts in quality of life, shared assets, and policy changes.

The Guild's impact is both immediate and profound, with over 20,000 community residents participating, partnering, and taking ownership of its initiatives since 2012. As a hybrid network, The Guild pairs public-private partnerships with grassroots community work, representing a new and replicable community development model that features both resident-led nonprofit and for-profit initiatives, as well as strong partnerships with public and quasi-public entities.

Founded and led by Jhana Senxian, a Harvard-trained social anthropologist, The Guild consists of members dedicated to pursuing innovative applications of social change by working within the community, as the community. Whether through sponsoring growth, volunteering, offering skill-based swaps, or participating in various projects, individuals and groups are welcomed to join and support The Guild's transformative mission.


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